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What We Do

What does Open Door Consulting actually do?
"As a lawyer takes on a client from the public, a political lobbyist takes on a client from the business sector. A client can represent themselves both in law and politics but usually they don't fare as well as they would if they hired professional representation. Obviously, even the well-informed layman doesn't understand the intricacies of the terminology, doesn't appreciate the political and personal subtleties and doesn't know how to structure the process or fully understand the basis upon which decisions are made."

"In the case of political lobbying, the layman won't be familiar with the political drivers that are always fluid, never written down and always denied to outsiders. A political lobbyist will package the client's interests in the best possible way and present them in the best possible light to the appropriate people on the decision-making pathway."

"A political lobbyist will let all facts be placed on the table and urge that they be considered on their merits. A political lobbyist will respond to all disinformation and competitive forces and generally optimise a client's chance of securing a successful outcome."

The core areas that Open Door Consulting focus on are; Lobbying, Government Relations, Business Communications, Issue Management, Profile Enhancement, Negotiated Outcomes.

Whilst lobbying and government relations are an integral part of the business the other core areas are just as important to ensure that all client needs are addressed.

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The Eight Golden Rules
Does Open Door Consulting operate by any golden rules?
There are always Golden Rules:
  1. If a client can't convince us of the merits/value of their project/issue then we cannot convince others on your behalf. We tell you "no" up front.
  2. We never guarantee success. We only guarantee to improve your chances of success.
  3. “Spin” has a habit of catching up. Truth is the best weapon. Let the project/issue win or lose on its merits.
  4. We do not accept success fees. We work strictly on a monthly retainer basis.
  5. Client satisfaction is paramount. If we don't think we can help a client we tell them. If there is no more we can do for a client - we tell them.
  6. Loose lips sink ships. We never break a client's confidence. Never break a political confidence.
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