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Why no success fees?

Our ethos has always been to be part of an industry that is transparent and accountable. The department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet have established a register of the activities of all companies involved in political lobbying in Australia.

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We believe in assisting a client via the merits of the argument. Open Door Consulting helps a client by making sure that the merits of the argument get to the right people in the decision-making pathway. This is no easy task as the pathway is always changing. For us to obtain a success fee leaves open the suggestion that as a lobbyist you have potentially done something 'outside' the normal political process - otherwise why would you be rewarded beyond normal consultancy fees.


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The Eight Golden Rules
What mistakes do clients most commonly make?
  1. Come to Open Door Consulting at a minute to midnight when there is little we can do. Forewarned is forearmed. We can warn of potential problems arising and help prevent issues from the outset. Used properly we are an effective early warning system that can detect both potential crises and opportunities for a client.
  2. Believe they have an understanding of a government position because they have spoken to one Minister, one staffer or one bureaucrat. On any one issue there will be a multitude of views within a department, within a Minister's office, between departments and around the Cabinet Table. The job of Open Door Consulting is to convey the views of the client through the fluid decision-making process until there we’ve identified the key decision-makers.
  3. Believe that the government decision making process is driven by the same factors as would apply to the private sector, when they are quite often poles apart.
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