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Industry Sectors
What industry sectors does Open Door Consulting service?
All industry sectors because the process of creating a political pathway to best service a client's interests remains similar no matter what the industry sector. While the content will vary the process of creating the pathway remains the same.

Since 1996 Open Door Consulting has worked primarily in the following areas (Company names and projects can be discussed upon engagement subject to confidentiality issues):
  • Construction: The majority of major construction companies
  • Engineering: A number of world class engineering firms
  • Property: A host of large and small property developers
  • Finance: Major banks, credit unions, merchant banks, venture capital
  • Infrastructure: Water, electricity, gas
  • Tourism: Various projects
  • Mining: Major and minor mining companies
  • Biotechnology: Start-ups
  • Pharmaceuticals: TGA issues and standards
  • Transport: Tugs, towing, taxi, rail, road
  • IT: Government procurement and IT products
  • Defence
  • Retail: Shopping hours, liquor licensing
  • Charity
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